FM Premiere | Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves’ MOONSHINE

Charming Scottish quintet Mark Sharp & The Bicycle, deliver the best combination of catchy indie rock and dance beats with rather lush and irresistible new single, Moonshine, due for release on 8th November.

The band explain…“This is the hardest we’ve had to work to get the end result we wanted. The producer really pushed us to try and go outside of our comfort zone and we’re really excited about how the track sounds. There was a positive reaction to our last single ‘Tippy Toes’ after it was released and we’re really hoping for the same again on ‘Moonshine’.  The track itself is about showing some Dutch courage really, and relying on your inner confidence kicking in order to let your heart do the talking.”

You can catch them live during their headline show at the 600 capacity Saint Luke’s venue in Glasgow on 28th December.