French stylish siren, Margaux Avril, returns and shines with the premiere of this minimal version of ‘Drifting’. The Excitingly talented young Parisian gives us another taste of her lush future-pop bijous…”The idea was – says Margaux – to start from an acoustic version to reveal the song with a more minimal approach. It made total sense to play along with the song’s tension and emotions”.

Margaux reveals: “‘Drifting’ is about the relationship you have with yourself that influences the other relationships in your life : with the ones you love, with passing time. By drifting from yourself you drift from what surrounds you. The way we navigate through life’s obstacles, choices we make. It talks about melancholy, nostalgia, and learning. The flow of a life that prevails, in which we let ourselves go and against which we sometimes fight, memories that we keep preciously or we need to let go”.

The ideal follow-up tune, to the previous electro pop gem ‘Soon’, its the fruit of her collaboration with Dennis Brown, the British half of the Postaal duo, Fhin, new blood on the French electro scene, and house godfather Alex Gopher (mastering).