FM Premiere | Mangoseed’s ‘Still Believe’

Electrifying London roots-rockers Mangoseed, return and shine with relevant and powerful urban-jungle pearl, called ‘Still Believe’, which was and produced by Sam Dyson at Free House Studios, Bristol.

Charismatic band’s frontman Nicholai La Barrie, explains “I am pondering the world we are in and looking at the chaos and uncertainty of it all. And in America, where once Martin Luther King dreamed, it feels like that dream is lost to tyrants, racists and sexists, emboldened and loud. But it’s only love that will set us free.

On defying the populist idiot-men in seats of power from eastern Europe to Italy, from Brazil to the White House… Nicholai states: “I see hope in the youths…I see the hope in me singing our truth into existence.

Mangoseed prepare to make a mighty impact on the soundscape of 2019, with a highly anticipated full-length album…We can’t wait!

Photo by James Cheyne