FM premiere. Lisa Ramey’s new EP ‘Foretaste’: A genre-blending triumph

"It's a sample of what's to come! I'll be releasing a full-length album and wanted to give my listeners a taste of what's to come"
8 March 2024
Photo by Antonio T Harris

After gaining our support on FM online and FM Digital, Lisa Ramey, famous for her mesmerizing performances on NBC’s The Voice in 2019, shines once again with her new EP, Foretaste. This lush collection of tracks produced by Joe Capo Kent, promises a genre-blending experience, showcasing Ramey’s evolution as an artist.

The focus track, Better Than That, merges pop, soul, and R&B influences, delving into the complexities of relationships with stirring authenticity. From the pulsating energy of Vagabond to the laid-back vibes of Internet, Ramey effortlessly navigates a spectrum of emotions and experiences: “There’s a lack of respect and a lack of love and it breaks my heart”, she says.

Ramey’s Foretaste is a captivating blend influenced by pop, soul, rock, R&B, and funk. Her heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies guide listeners on a music realm of vulnerability and self-discovery through each note.

Photo by Antonio T Harris

The track Body exudes high energy, fueled by dynamic guitar licks throughout. Ramey says: “My body is my temple. This is the perfect summer jam to have some fun without feeling like we gotta go all the way”.

Stepping out of her comfort zone, Lisa Ramey took full control of her music and team for the creation of Foretaste, a departure from her usual approach: “I love these records. I never knew how much fun writing music could be until I was able to write exactly what I wanted without borders.”

Photo by Antonio T Harris

On the EP, Lisa Ramey reveals:“‘Foretaste’ is a sample of what’s to come! I’ll be releasing a full-length album and wanted to give my listeners a taste of what’s to come. ‘Better Than That’ is a surprise for my listeners that completes the EP.”

Foretaste provides a captivating glimpse of Ramey’s upcoming full-length album, showcasing her sparkling artistic independence and genuine voice. Originally from St. Louis and now based in New York, Ramey gained prominence on The Voice and continues to impress with her captivating talent and dynamic performances.