Photo by Clara le Bouar

FM premiere. Line Beauclair unveils official lyric video for ‘Soft’

“I think this song captures the universal feeling of letting go and being truly ourselves with another person"
31 January 2024

A Fusion of French Elegance and American Pop

Line Beauclair, a singer-songwriter born in Northern France to a French mother and an American father, debuts her single Soft, encapsulating a unique blend of cultural influences. Her music, characterized by a sultry yet innocent style and distinctive vocals, draws inspiration from 60s French icons like Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy, and contemporary US stars such as Britney Spears and Lana Del Rey. This combination results in an innovative and authentic musical identity.

Soft starts with tender guitar strums and emotionally rich instrumentals, setting the stage for Beauclair’s vulnerable lyrics and gentle voice. The song poignantly captures a moment in a relationship marked by profound vulnerability, highlighting the idea that true connection arises when we expose ourselves to potential hurt.

Beauclair’s philosophy on music and relationships is evident in her words: “I think this song captures the universal feeling of letting go and being truly ourselves with another person, something that becomes harder every day in a society where appearances carry such weight.”

Despite her youth, Beauclair has established herself as a thoughtful and independent songwriter. Her songs delve into themes of love, growth, and the complexities of relationships, all while experimenting within the pop genre. She emphasizes lyrical depth and innovative beats, providing insightful commentary on the emotional aspects of human connection.

Regarding her debut single Soft, Line elaborates on the track: “A song that I hope helps people be more open and vulnerable – something to remind you that putting up a front can sometimes be very detrimental, and that we all need to be gentle with ourselves and others from time to time”.

Photo by Clara le Bouar

Line’s musical journey has been significantly shaped by her diverse upbringing, surrounded by 60s French music and influenced by American artists who combine deep lyrics with captivating melodies. Now based in Paris, her experiences living across France and in cities like St Tropez and New York City have been instrumental in refining her musical style.

She reveals: “Growing up I was surrounded by 60s French music and was heavily influenced by their ability to craft intelligent songs with deeper meaning all while creating a magnetic vibe and atmosphere. It really helped me integrate the idea that lyrics do not need to sacrifice melody or energy. I was able to understand that further thanks to American artists like Lana Del Rey or Taylor Swift, that are able to brilliantly combine both to create true pop anthems. I am now based in Paris but have lived all over France, which has inspired me greatly, and writing in places such as St Tropez and New York City have truly helped me refine my musical style.”

Photo by Clara le Bouar

Beauclair believes in the importance of being gentle with ourselves and others, challenging the norm of maintaining appearances. As Line Beauclair steps onto the music scene with her debut single, she brings with her a refreshing perspective, weaving together the richness of her heritage and her passion for authentic storytelling in music.