FM premiere | LEXIS ‘Back to the Start’ video

Born to Persian parents in Solihull, West Midlands, singer-songwriter Kimya Tarr, introduces her new sonic project, called LEXIS, with the premiere of the video, directed by Denis Plesca, for sweetly alluring pop number ‘Back to the Start’.

Speaking of her sparkling East-meets-West jam, LEXIS reveals: “‘Back to the start’ truly represents me as an artist in terms of its honesty, message and sound. It’s the type of record I always dreamt of producing. I’d say the track is a blend of alt-pop with Persian sprinkles! It has a 1970’s vintage style production with a band sound, drawing on my early influences and it’s been recorded in 432 Hz tuning to make it feel even more vintage. For the guitar recording, I had some help from old friends who have played for the likes of George Ezra, and you can hear a Persian Ney (a type of flute) straight into the song. The other tracks for the EP have a similar style.”

LEXIS adds: “My childhood was surrounded by music, playing classical piano and guitar and raiding my parent’s vinyl collection, listening to bands like Queen, The Carpenters and Fleetwood Mac, not forgetting the Persian music. I later got into indie bands like Oasis and Muse.”