By Vee D

East Midlands quartetLapels (Nathan, Andy, Will, and Adam), premiere their convincingly refreshing,no-fussindie/Britpop delivering with the Blur/Oasis-Esque debut single, Warning Lights, released on 30 July via the iconic Marquee Records.

The exciting new band formed when Nathan and Andy sparked off a singer/songwriter chemistry at college in Nottingham. Nathan explains:

“Lapels are about ‘life’, we sing about the normal every day, no-nonsense normal things that people do. ‘Warning Lights’ is our reflection of a normal night out on the town in the UK.”

He adds: “It’s very British.  I used to live across the road from a chip shop, which us Brits know is the meeting place of hungry people on their way home after a night out. So my bedroom window was a camera to those nocturnal hours; a peephole onto the world of those on a night out. ‘Warning Lights’ is an amalgamation of the things I saw and the stories I heard over the years, from that window.  Years of absorbing those midnight exploits, all came together during a trip to Lincolnshire, as I sat strumming on my battered old nylon string acoustic.

The production came together quite easily with the band when we stepped into the recording studio. The lyrics and melodies seemed to flow and click into place instantly.  But it’s a strange one because, at the time, none of us considered it to be single.  But this song took on a whole new life of its own the moment we layed it down together in the studio; it suddenly jumped out at everyone. Warning Lights is our debut track under our new Marquee Record label – this is the Lapels, hope you like it.”