FM PREMIERE: Lālo Parade returns with fresh tune ‘Let You Go’

"Suddenly, someone who was once an integral part of your life is gone, and you're left to mourn."
10 March 2023

El Paso-based Lālo Parade just dropped his newest single, Let You Go, a personal but joyful pop song with a cool rhythm, nice chords and soothing vocals; it’s about having optimism after experiencing a heartbreak and finding the strength to move forward. Last year’s tunes Fasho and Sweet Thing were really popular and this new one is out just in time to keep the trend going.

Lālo talked about the track in his own words: “After a dear friend went through a painful breakup from a long-term relationship, it struck me how this kind of life event can be almost as traumatic as death. Suddenly, someone who was once an integral part of your life is gone, and you’re left to mourn. Witnessing my friend’s struggle and heartbreak was a powerful experience that inspired me to write about it.”

Lālo and his nephew (blvkkhvrt.) made ‘Let You Go’ with help from Wil Anspach and a select group of musicians.

Besides pursuing his dreams in music, Lālo has been running Hello Radio for 12 years which is a music marketing platform offering content creation and web developing services to artists.

He has been establishing himself in the music industry with his distinctive albums EPs. Now he’s taking it up another notch by combining his creative music with cutting-edge web3 technology. It’s worth mentioning that Lālo is also into music and production. On top of that, he has