FM PREMIERE: KUOKO intimate electronic pop gem ‘TAKE IT SLOW’

"As a songwriter, producer and visual artist, I am well aware of the self-exploiting tendencies of our fast-living society"
6 October 2023

KUOKO, of Vietnamese and German heritage, is not just a musical force but also a staunch advocate for women and Asian representation, particularly the portrayal of East and Southeast Asian women in Western contexts. This commitment is evident in her recent track YELLOW FEVER GAZE, a poignant exploration of identity and representation.

Hamburg’s multi-talented KUOKO drops an intimate electronic pop gem called TAKE IT SLOW, an alluring glimpse into her upcoming album set to grace our ears later this year via Kabul Fire Records.

TAKE IT SLOW is the perfect follow-up to her recent gems like Loser, All I Want, and Firework‘. Blending emotionally charged electronic melodies with introspective lyricism, she effortlessly radiates vulnerability and empowerment.

The dreamy synth landscape she paints serves as a counterpoint to the impending winter days, injecting a bit of sun and warmth into our senses.

KUOKO shares: “As a songwriter, producer and visual artist, I am well aware of the self-exploiting tendencies of our fast-living society. With TAKE IT SLOW I try to reflect on the need to take a break. Wee need to remind ourselves to take things slow, I wanted to portray a dreamy synth landscape, that counters the upcoming winter days with a bit of sun and warmth.”

As a DIY artist deeply entrenched in both the production of her music and the visual aesthetics surrounding it, KUOKO‘s commitment to the message of slowing down is evident. Her laid back vocal approach in the infectious chorus effectively centers the track around the themes of joy and fun.

KUOKO has earned her stripes as a skillful self-producing composer and songwriter, reigning supreme in the synth-pop sonic realm. From melancholic dreamscapes in tracks like Floating to indie-pop vibes in Hiding In The Dark, and even danceable electronic beats in Perfect Girl, KUOKO‘s versatility knows no bounds.

Since the release of her self-titled debut album in September 2021, KUOKO has established herself as a unique all-rounder. Her artistic vision extends beyond the auditory realm, encompassing a visually enchanting world. Having graced prominent showcase festivals like the Great Escape (UK) and Popkultur Festival (GER), KUOKO has left an indelible mark with elusive live performances. Notably, she shared the stage with electro-pop duo ÄTNA in Switzerland, further solidifying her presence on the international stage.

As the cover artist of Spotify’s EQUAL GSA playlist in October 2021, KUOKO‘s influence reached even greater heights. Her image graced the iconic billboards of New York Times Square alongside other female artists breaking borders internationally. For enthusiasts of acts like Little Dragon, Biig Piig, TOKiMONSTA, and Aluna George, KUOKO is the artist redefining boundaries and setting the stage for a new era in electronic pop.