FM PREMIERE: Kris Baha announces his new project Ghosts In The Machine, and shares techno punk tune ‘Nothing Is Real’

"It's is a cyber body music odyssey about social media’s influences on society, priming us before the AI machines take over."
4 May 2023

Kris Baha, a DJ/producer from Berlin, has dropped his brand new project Ghosts In The Machine. This is super exciting and you need to look into it! It starts with the release of Nothing Is Real, mixed/mastered by Maurizio Baggio and released on May 5th.

Nothing is Real, taken from his upcoming album (due out later this year) dives into the consequences of social media on culture and the environment before AI starts ruling. It’s like a techno punk journey through the world of body-based cyber music.

Kris Baha explains: “Ghosts In The Machine is a sci-fi inspired concept that is set in two timelines, a future looking back to the now and how we could have corrected our society before the AI take over, stripping away our souls, becoming Ghosts In The Machine.

Nothing is Real is a cyber body music odyssey about social media’s influences on society, priming us before the AI machines take over.”

Baha has been successful on the electronic music scene for thirteen years and now has a dedicated fan base from Australia, Berlin and beyond. He stretched the boundaries of his artistic talent and carved out an impressive career.

It’s been a while since Kris Baha left the hot and dry Australian bush to move to East Berlin, with all his concrete buildings, communist flats and cloudy days.

The Australian/Italian-Armenian artist has made a name for himself in his new home. His work is often rooted in sun-soaked, dreamy memories of the future, while also capturing the echos of the city at night.

Baha is a regular in Berlin’s EBM and clubbing circles. He’s played big events and at spots like Cocktail D’Amore, Tresor, Panorama Bar, RSO and Urban Spree. With his unique element of emotion and atmosphere, he has explored the depths of electronic music and hosts his own nightlife event called Wired, where he plays performance-driven live and DJ sets, inspired by the era of original industrial music. He loves how these kind of concerts push the limits and recreate the right mood for the modern audience.

Kris‘ 2021 release Into the Dark was reminiscent of the late 80s and 90s Industrial/Wave music scene. It really captured that transitional period and is in some way a reflection of Kris’s current musical direction as he presents himself in a different shade of darkness.

Photo by John Rohrer