FM PREMIERE: Kid Francescoli shares stunning video for new track ‘1986’

"It's named after the year when my life truly started, it's a blend of my very first memories as a human being and my arrival in Marseille"
18th May 2023

The eclectic French artist Mathieu Hocine presents his new track of the electrifying pop project Kid Francescoli, entitled 1986.

The French genius showcases his Electro Pop skills yet again with another amazing track. His latest tune is quite convincing and he said something on it: “1986 is a vibrant and dreamy homage to the musician’s first childhood memories. It’s named after the year when my life truly started, it’s a blend of my very first memories as a human being and my arrival in Marseille”.

The amazing music video directed by Théo Frémont, was created during his inaugural world tour and wrapped up during the second sold-out tour of 200 gigs in the US, Europe, Asia and other nations,

1986 brings together sounds from the cartoons of the time with modern vibes, and has an instrumental-electro style that now makes up Kid Francescoli‘s signature sound.

Kid Francescoli’s fans are in for a treat with the release of the second teaser for an upcoming album that’s set to drop this year – it’s enchanting and melodic!

The new track is the ideal follow-up single to the March release of You Are Everywhere (ft. Turbo Goth).

This first track on the album marks a major milestone in the melding of organic and electronic elements, taking you on an adventure that spans from Mediterranean vibes to California dreams. It’s like a bridge between the old-timey sounds of Ennio Morricone and modern electronic music.

Mathieu Hocine, the Marseille producer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist is all set to release some fresh tunes. His upcoming album will have a Mediterranean flavor with beautiful pop melodies.

He reveals: “I live in Marseille, I spent my childhood in Corsica, I have Algerian origins, my first vacations with friends were in Barcelona, vacations with my first girlfriend in Roma…Then, I had the chance to perform in Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Egypt: each time I spent time in the Mediterranean region, the people I met there made me feel like I was part of the same country. This shared multiculturalism is really comforting, it has its own poetry and strength, bringing uniqueness and empathy to the people. It is essential for me. I love my city: it’s the perfect place to feel good with sun, sea, family, friendships, love…It gets me emotional, bringing tears with a smile.”

Photo by Nicolas Despis

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