FM PREMIERE: Kay Sebastene drops ‘who the hecK’

"This song is like peeling off a band-aid from a healed wound. It may leave a scar, but I've come to embrace it"
22 September 2023

The talented Indonesian artist Kay Sebastene has just dropped her latest single, who the hecK, a musical ​p​earl that beckons listeners to confront life’s challenges with unyielding determination and unwavering resilience. 

Sebastene herself reflects on the song’s inspiration, stating, “This song is like peeling off a band-aid from a healed wound. It may leave a scar, but I’ve come to embrace it. In 2018, during my final year at the dance academy, I shared my dreams with a mentor, expressing my desire to represent Indonesia through singing and dancing. However, his response was discouraging. Despite the pain, I’ve grown from it. Now, I’m on a new path, embracing growth and encouraging others to overcome hindrances.”

who the hecK ​ with its perfect blend of R&B and dance-pop​, encapsulates Kay’s emotional evolution, offering a glimpse into her path of self-discovery and growth. 

The accompanying music video amplifies the song’s themes, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in Sebastene‘s creative vision.

Teaming up with the renowned producer Dhandy Annora, celebrated for his collaborations with Indonesian music stars such as Eka Gustiwana and Weird Genius, she bares her soul through this song, revealing her personal odyssey of conquering challenges. Together, they create a genuine and empowering musical journey.

Behind the scenes, the creative process of who the hecK involved an array of instruments, including woodblock, electronic drum pads, snares, brass lines, tuba, and synthesizers – all harmonizing into a compelling, emotionally charged musical narrative. 

Sebastene‘s commitment to her musical journey has transformed her from a place of self-doubt into a position of empowerment. A graduate in Broadcasting and Film Communication from Taylor’s University Malaysia, Sebastene‘s approach to music transcends mere melodies and rhythms. The lowercase title of her single, who the hecK, with the capital ‘K’ representing her name, serves as an emblem of her unique brand identity, a trend that will continue with her upcoming releases.

Her journey, defined by resilience and determination, has allowed her to fulfill her dreams and stand as an inspirational figure for aspiring musicians. who the hecK‘ is  a testament to the indomitable spirit of Kay Sebastene, a rising star in Indonesia’s music galaxy.