FM PREMIERE: Kardano’s ‘Sunday Morning’ gets a remix makeover

"The mellifluous tones of Pinkee Skylark's voice were calling out to me to make a smooth, house vibe that would instantly make you feel…Yes, it's Sunday Morning!”
8 December 2023

Technicolour Dreams and House Vibes

Canadian DJ/producer Kardano and rising star Pinkee Skylark are set to unveil a dazzling remix of their electro-pop hit Sunday Morning released via Play Records. This time, label boss and multi-talented artist Melleefresh takes the reins, transforming the original into a bouncy electro-house gem that promises to elevate your spirits.

Melleefresh, renowned for her eclectic musical prowess, injects Sunday Morning with an infectious energy, upping the tempo and infusing it with a vibrant house vibe. The result is a remix that not only pays homage to Kardano’s original vision but takes it to new heights, creating a sonic experience that is both refreshing and invigorating.

The accompanying music video, a visual feast created by award-winning video artist Jason J Brown, adds another layer to the remix’s appeal. Brown’s technicolour interpretation perfectly complements the track’s lively atmosphere, creating a mesmerizing visual journey that syncs seamlessly with the music.

Melleefresh shares her inspiration behind the remix, stating, “I Love Kardano’s music, and the mellifluous tones of Pinkee Skylark’s voice were calling out to me to make a smooth, house vibe that would instantly make you feel…Yes, it’s Sunday Morning!”

Sunday Morning, Remixed is not just a standalone release; it’s the fourth remix pack stemming from Kardano’s critically acclaimed album Art of Tones, released in 2022. This groundbreaking album features eight dance tunes, each showcasing the talents of different Canadian vocalists, such as Billy Newton-Davis, Dtaborah, Melleefresh, Tyra Jutai, and the aforementioned Pinkee Skylark.

The remix pack boasts contributions from an international lineup of top-tier producers. Melleefresh’s version stands out as a quintessential house banger, while US producers SpekrFreks bring back the classic piano house vibe. UK remixer CHANNE takes a psychedelic approach, chopping up Pinkee’s vocals for a mind-bending effect. Mexico’s Martin Luciuk transports the track into a zen-like deep house territory, offering a more contemplative experience. Lastly, the UK’s Be Brothers utilize Pinkee’s vocals as a duet, creating a deep house permutation that adds a touch of sophistication to the mix.

Adding to the excitement, Melleefresh’s radio edit remix is featured in the official music video for Sunday Morning, directed by Jason J. Brown, who recently received the prestigious Best North American Music Video award for Feel Alright at the Rome Music Video Awards.

Get ready to experience the vibrant fusion of Kardano, Pinkee Skylark, and Melleefresh, as they deliver a remix that is sure to become a staple in the playlists of electronic music enthusiasts worldwide.