Red Dream (out 17 June) is the rather lushly emotional and relevant yet catchy pop tune by multi-talented artist K-Syran.

Red Dream – produced by top Belgian Dj/producer, Phase – is on the soundtrack of K-Syran’s forthcoming new movie, ‘The Lady From The Sea’, in which she plays the leading role of Ellida.

K-Syran reveals…‘This time of world isolation has injected us all with the git of red dreams, those rich divine crimson dreams that are luscious and so so creative;  never, ever have I dreamt more and remembered each dream in such detailThat’s where the inspiration came for Red Dreams.  I felt that every aspect of this historical time needed to be documented, and I just had to throw my own musical expression at this incredible dreams.’

‘The Lady From The Sea’, was ready to hit its global premiere before social distancing closed the doors to The Cannes Film Festival this year.

When the movie director heard Red Dream, it was a no-brainer for him…‘The director fell in love with, Red Dream, and will feature it at the end of the movie where I’m underwater in a beautiful Three Graces London dress,’ says Katrina.