FM Premiere: Julie Campiche Quartet’s video for ‘The Other’s Share’, lifted from the new album, ‘You Matter’

"This video is viscerally stunning and will transport you to a new world."
4 November 2022

Featuring and produced by Julie Campiche, the sensational video for the standout track The Other’s Share is a sensual and emotional affair, inspired by the complexity of the relationship between oneself and others, The Other’s Share is a dance, musical and visual journey that represents how we are all interconnected.

The track is lifted from Julie Campiche Quartet’s powerful new album, You Matter, released via ENJA Records.

This video is viscerally stunning and will transport you to a new world. The video was created by the multi-talented Vanessa Pahud and will be sure to move your heart.

The storyline focuses on three gender-ambiguous characters bouncing around the countryside and cities. Symbols often represent the elements, and these symbols show us borders that are not clear or undefined.

Julie Campiche reveals: “I am really excited to finally release ‘You Matter’ and share my art with the world, it has been arranged with my amazing Quartet collaborators and it has been an absolutely incredible artistic and heartfelt journey. Sharing my thoughts on the issues that resonate with me has been such a cathartic process and it’s been wonderful to receive such a response.

The concepts in the video have been developed by the phenomenal Vanessa Pahud, who I have collaborated with before and trust completely. The concepts in the video are about identity and the blurred boundaries we have between one another through the three characters we see, all dressed the same but we don’t see their faces and can only guess their gender. There are some beautiful visual expressions of the four elements and the red line comes from the idea of a string or rope, the string on the instrument, and the rope on the trapeze, the red line connects us. Overall this music and video speak about the unclear borders between us, our complexity, our beauty, and our difficulties. I hope it will reveal something new in each view.”

Julie Campiche brings a new avant-garde jazz album to the forefront, with her harp as the focal point of the music. The album’s experimental sound makes it an absolute must-listen.

‘You Matter’ is an inspirational collection of experimental connections of sounds about recent & upcoming challenges of the world around themes of climate change, refugee crisis, the patriarchy & human identity at a time when things are really dark and heavy.

The pairing of Campiche, Hagmann, Kuratle and Fumagalli are remarkably well-balanced and their performance as a quartet seemed to be orchestrated as if they were one person. As well as being incredibly talented they are also very versatile.

Their future revolutionary jazz manages to take their work into a new, visionary, conceptual yet intimate place with electronic effects, heightened orchestral arrangements, and more expressive instrumentation. The steady development and building in the complexity of the harmonic and musical structures of this album are well-thought-out and not overbearing, but still urgent and meaningful.

The forward-thinking project will soon be bringing to the UK the concert tour that has toured internationally, for three UK live dates at Cambridge Modern Jazz as part of Cambridge Jazz Festival on 17 November, Vortex Club as part of London Jazz Festival on 18 November, and Black Mountain Jazz Club, as part of wall2wall Jazz Festival, Abergavenny on 19 November.

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