FM PREMIERE: Julia Lostrom shares her most intimate thoughts through ‘Bodies’

"It's​ a sweet reminder of how beautiful it is to share both heart and body with someone you might love but you’re not ready to​ say it just yet"
18 October 2023

In an enchanting fusion of AfroPop and R&B, Julia Lostrom harnesses the boundless power of love and attraction, releasing a tidal wave of passion in her latest track, Bodies.

Exhibiting the magnetic sensuality that defines her signature sound, Bodies is a celebration of the rare alignment between emotional and physical attraction. The genre-defying Zambian-Greek artist delves into the rawest form of love, using the track as a canvas to express her most intimate thoughts.

Lostrom reveals, “This song means a lot to me — it’s like a musical diary of wanting a love that goes beyond​ the surface. It’s about cherishing those moments when you’re truly in sync with someone, hoping it’ll be a forever thing. It’s​ a sweet reminder of how beautiful it is to share both heart and body with someone you might love but you’re not ready to​ say it just yet.”

Infused with the essence of Mother Nature’s sublime moments, the song echoes the profound energy, tapping into Lostrom’s deep connection to the earth and spirituality. The creation of immersive soundscapes is marked by the artful layering of harmonious vocals, a distinctive hallmark of her artistic expression.

Produced by Iconic Beats, Bodies marks a defining moment in Lostrom‘s sound, blending influences from her cultural roots to create a timeless sound that stands as an emblem of her artistry.

Speaking about her evolving sound, Lostrom shares, “Lately I’ve been diving into the nostalgic sounds from my childhood growing up​ in Zambia, a lot of old school R&B and afrobeats. When Peter (Iconic Beats) sent me this beat, not even joking, the song​ literally jumped out at me. I feel like this song perfectly encompasses the sensual pop R&B sound my listeners are familiar with, but also has a new assured energy as I feel like this year has been one of the most transformative years of my life.”

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the exciting Zambian-Greek artist, draws inspiration from her diverse upbringing. Julia Lostrom is a must-watch with her captivating fusion of alternative pop and R&B.