FM Premiere | Joel Porter’s ‘Ready for the Harrow’

‘Ready for the Harrow’ works as an ideal introduction to the Joel Porter’s intense ambient-folk, subtly sparkling electronic-acoustic, sonic world. Hailing from North Dakota, now living in Nashville, Porter shares this new track as a highlight from his upcoming ‘Hiraeth’ EP, out on August 3rd.

Porter enlightens on the ‘Hiraeth’ EP…”a very cyclical album, one that covers the seasons of life, of change, of perspective. The last full song on this album, ‘Ready for the Harrow’, holds a very bittersweet place in my heart – Joel explains – The day that Eric and I were in the studio recording this song, I got a phone call from my father telling me that my Grandpa Tony, who speaks the poem on the instrumental intro, ‘The Warden’, passed away peacefully surrounded by my family. We actually recorded the song he is featured on the next day and I brought it back to North Dakota for my family to hear at the wake. I hated being away… but giving that to my family turned out to be such a blessing…a little piece of him here we can all go back to. I never intended this song to be departure song, but naturally since that day, it acts as the actual act and acceptance of letting go. In biblical terms, the ‘harrow’ refers to Christ’s decent into hell to free the righteous held captive. I was inspired by that idea…and the act of an intentional release of what is held captive. I didn’t know that it would be a lesson, or a message, I would have to internalize and put into practice in my own life.”

He concludes…”‘Harrow’ is about finding a peace that we choose after we “till” our inner spaces, break up the clots we’ve formed, reform, and prepare to greet what is next. I didn’t write it to discredit our pasts, our memories, or the things we hold dear. I’m very proud of where I’ve been, and of my upbringing and family name. Instead, I realized some of the ways I viewed life… ones I was clinging to and strangling the last bit of life out of… no longer existed outside of my own mind… and I wanted to write something that mimicked the example my elders have demonstrated regarding how to grow, change, and learn with grace. Ready for the Harrow is a song full of gratitude towards our best memories, but an understanding that we have a responsibility to continue on with peace in all we leave, and all we love.. a peace awaiting what is yet to come.”