Folłowing the release of the brilliant ‘Serotonin’, 22 year old Jennings Couch, drops another convincing alt rock gem , with his latest single ‘Stay Out’, set for release on 26th January.

With this ode to teenage angst, the New York City born, London-based fresh artist, gives us another taste of his forthcoming EP, produced by Kevin Malpass (The Four Of Us, Creep, Sia).

Jennings explains: “It is essentially a break up song, sung through the words and ideas of young teenagers. The idea that kids either put up a sign or tell their parents/siblings to ‘Stay out of my room’, is what kick-started the lyric to this song. You’re essentially telling your other half to get out of your life…I feel it is relevant in 2018 because young teenagers still experience painful heartbreak. I think it’s a strong, empowering song that people will be able to relate to.”