Jazz Mino brings sultry energy and relevance to her rework of Jennifer Paige’s classic pop tune ‘Crush’, which will be released on November 17th on Peanut Party Records.

Speaking about the new single, Jazz reveals: “The cover of ‘Crush’ has a particular focus on overcoming anxiety. This is something I’ve been working on for a long time and I’m finally at a point where I’m enjoying and appreciating the moment, rather than over analyzing every situation and focusing on future happiness and success. I used to feel talking about this was very taboo, but have found the confidence to speak out and with it, found that it’s actually a very relatable topic to many people. I love my cover of Crush, it’s about feeling confident within yourself to just let your hair down and that’s something I’ve been able to achieve by overcoming and anxiety.”

To support her message of equality, diversity, and self-care, Jazz Mino will be undertaking a tour of UK schools, to ensure that people from the youngest age are aware of their mental well-being and health.