A Collaboration With BIG CAT DIARY Heroes To Inspire Positive Action Against Climate Change

By Frank Bell

A neuroscientist by day, Izzy Frances writes songs to empower. She values the therapeutic quality of songwriting and explores her own experiences through music as a way to promote love and self-acceptance for others. With her newest single Beautiful World Frances approaches the theme of love beyond interpersonal relationships, turning our attention instead to our relationship with the world around us. 

Frances wrote Beautiful World as part of a collaborative project with her childhood heroes Jonathan and Angela Scott. She grew up watching the couple on the BBC Documentary Big Cat Diary and they have since set up the Sacred Nature Initiative which aims to educate on the fragility of our planet and reconnect people with nature. Frances has been working alongside them since the first national lockdown in 2020 and Beautiful World certainly captures their shared ambition. With her powerful lyrics and uplifting melody the track is a reminder to take notice of our environment and nature, which Frances insists that this is the best way to inspire positive action against climate change. All profits from the single will be going to support the Sacred Nature Initiative. 

Frances explained, Beautiful World is about just that, the beauty of the world around us, that we are rapidly destroying. The natural world breathes us to life, supports us, heals us, and inspires creativity and freedom. Without it we would not exist. I hope Beautiful World can inspire those feelings of hope, love, honesty and beauty that we can feel in full force when we’re surrounded by nature, and that this helps to uplift and inspire us into action to save our planet.”

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