Isaac Snow calls for an end to xenophobia and racism in the UK with brooding new folk-pop release ‘Why

By Frank Bell

Isaac Snow has always used music as a way to reflect and process. He first picked up a guitar at the age of 15, and soon began to explore the darker side of the electronic pop soundscape. Drawing his influence from the likes of Bon Iver, Antony and the Johnsons and Frank Ocean, the London-based songwriter has worked with his producer Ali Bla Bla since 2017, developing a Future Folk sound which brings intrigue to his raw acoustic songwriting. 

Having lived and worked with migrant populations, his poignant new release ‘Why’ confronts the growing xenophobia and racism in British society, especially the hostility towards migrants and those seeking asylum. Initially written as an acoustic song, he worked with Ai Bla Bla to create something more aggressive and confrontational…

“I was inspired to write the song after Nigel Farage’s horrific UKIP anti-migrant billboard campaign was released across the UK in 2016: the campaign depicted people seeking asylum in the UK with a strapline of ‘Breaking Point’. The effects of that campaign have never really gone away.”

Reflective of the current climate, both in the UK and abroad, Why boldly challenges the political rhetoric surrounding migrants and the negative implications that often follow. Presented through layered vocals, percussion and gentle synth sounds, it is a cutting new release with a message that can’t be ignored.  Why is out on Friday from all digital stores.