FM PREMIERE: hurt season drops emotive single and video ‘hit’

"I was dealing with some internal turmoil and had to release some energy"
10 February 2023

Since he was 15 years old, hurt season has used the writing of songs as a means of expressing himself and creating a link with his fans and loved ones. hurt season is just 21, but already has an understanding of the concept of evolution in his alternative experimental artwork.

He’s done away with his old name, HRT SZN, to something more true to himself, He is no longer worried about what other people think and he is embracing authenticity, living outside the box.

The alternative experimental artist and rapper, releases his second single of the year and comes out with a lush video also.  The latest song, hit, deals with the artist’s feelings about relationships, which is “you gotta take me as I am. It’s just that simple.” 

hurt season explains: hit is a “stream of consciousness” style piece I wrote in the studio around Christmas. I was dealing with some internal turmoil and had to release some energy. It represents an emotional process of letting go. This will be the fourth video I have done with 47’s. He’s great with interpreting the mood and ambiance of a song. He helps me visualize the story between the lines. Enjoy.”

Drawing influence from the likes of XXtentacion, 7981 Kal and Pierce the Veil, hurt season’s latest music reflects his journey to self-expression and discovering a positive outlet through making music. 

ICYM check out hurt season‘s recent singles darkstar, datreesh, worship, tint, feel sum’n, and “afraid to love.” 

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Photo by @jesssicapadover