FM PREMIERE: Howl Baby Howl reveals an inspiring video for ‘Lightning Zone’

"It is an inspirational story that reminds us all to stay strong through difficult times"
27th April 2023

After 10 years of absence, the rather surprising Danish band Howl Baby Howl is back with a brand new Heavy On The Tongue album, now released via Midnight Confessions. Get ready for some psychedelic rock experience.

The music video directed by Christian Ørneborg for the album’s signature song, Lightning Zone, is truly outstanding and highlights the challenges of delivery drivers in China during the pandemic. It is an inspirational story that reminds us all to stay strong through difficult times.

Howl Baby Howl, based in Copenhagen, consists of Jeppe Brix (guitars and voice) and Silas Tinglef (percussion and voice). Heavy On The Tongue is an awesome collection of 10 catchy psych-rock jams by the band. It is full of fuzzy riffs, crackling drums, and massive tunes – a triumphant return from them.

In China, there is a tradition that goes back a long way to sharing dishes and eating together, because it is believed that it brings people together and creates a special bond. During the pandemic, many Chinese people were prevented from following their traditions.

“Most of the Chinese delivery riders are migrant workers from provinces all around China” – explains the video’s director Christian Ørneborg – “They are living in unknown territory, far away from family and friends, working long hours, to deliver whatever you need to your doorstep. In times of lock-downs, masking, closed work places, encouragements to stay home, the only friendly face, you would see, would be the face of the delivery rider, bringing you your food. For a lot of people the delivery riders, would become the face of the modern day hero, a hero who came to your rescue covering your basic needs. But often at the end of the day, this hero would end up eating alone.”

Ørneborg adds: “When I heard the track, Lightning Zone, it instantly gave me the feeling of urban loneliness, which I felt was very suitable for telling a story about the delivery rider, the longing for intimacy and the importance of sharing a meal”

The short movie was shot on an iPhone, with a full Chinese team, in the beautiful city of Shanghai. During the pandemic when everything was shutting down, certain parts of the footage were still recorded. In March 2023, China finally opened its borders and Ørneborg’s team and the band were quick to take advantage of it.

‘Heavy On The Tongue’ speaks to the current state of the world, our feeling of hopelessness and how we can stay positive in spite of it all. Howl Baby Howl took charge of both the recording and production of the album, and it was mixed by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and mastered by Brian Batz from Sleep Party People.

Things are getting started for Howl Baby Howl with The Sandmen‘s tour as well as some sweet remixes from Anders Trentemøller and TOM and his Computer lined up for 2023.

Get ready for some great live shows!