FM PREMIERE: HJ Soul unveils ‘Girl On The Train’

"I was sitting in a room on a warm evening just at the fall when autumn started, with this warm beige lighting in the room creating this cozy effect"
29 November 2023

R&B and soul ​connoisseur HJ Soul, unveils his newest single, Girl On The Train. This dreamy composition whisks listeners away on a romantic ​j​ourney through transient moments of connection. Released against the backdrop of autumn’s warm hues, the track echoes the snug and reflective ambiance that served as its creative muse.

The song unfolds like a beautiful narrative, mirroring a chance encounter on a train. In the silence between strangers, HJ Soul found the perfect canvas to paint a story of missed connections and lingering thoughts. The lyrics, like poetry, delicately capture the essence of that fleeting moment, leaving listeners with a sense of sweet melancholy.

The creative process behind Girl On The Train reveals HJ Soul’s unique approach to songwriting. Inspired by a real-life encounter, he let the melody guide the storytelling. The result is a composition that flows effortlessly, mirroring the ebb and flow of emotions in that brief encounter. The artist’s decision to eschew loud words for silent energy exchange adds an authentic touch to the song, making it a genuine reflection of a genuine experience.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, HJ Soul shares, “I was sitting in a room on a warm evening just at the fall when autumn started, with this warm beige lighting in the room creating this cozy effect, and I was thinking with my vision and artistry what kind of song could I create in this sort of atmosphere. I had this track playing and I don’t know all of a sudden I was thinking of a time that I’d met this girl on the train standing near to where I was, and then a beautiful story unfolded in my mind of how I could write a song about this.”

HJ Soul’s music has been marked by a seamless fusion of classic hits and original compositions. As an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, he first captured hearts with soulful renditions of timeless classics. Evolving as an artist, he transitioned into a prolific songwriter, delving into personal experiences and spirituality. Dream Of Your Soul and the album Illusions showcased his versatility, earning acclaim in the contemporary R&B and Lofi scenes.

Notably, HJ Soul’s commitment to addressing important issues is evident in Can’t Take This Anymore, a single dedicated to raising awareness for mental health. His dedication to storytelling takes a poignant turn in ‘Unbreakable,’ an emotional ballad with a movie soundtrack feel, narrating his lifelong aspiration to overcome obstacles and achieve goals through solitude.

With Girl On The Train, ​h​e adds another chapter to his musical narrative​, as the melodies unfold and the story lingers, HJ Soul continues to enchant audiences worldwide with his soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics.

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