FM PREMIERE: HIGHWAYVES explores dark escapism in ‘Evie’

"It’s endemic for young people where I grew up to feel a sense of entrapment and stagnation when they hit their late teens/early 20s"
1 December 2023

Evie, is a powerful exploration of the darker corners of life, as lead singer and lyricist Brad shares, “It’s heavily based on people I knew growing up who turned to drugs as a form of escapism.” The track delves into the pervasive sense of entrapment and stagnation that often plagues the youth in their late teens and early twenties, particularly in an environment where city life beckons with a promise of escape and excitement.

HIGHWAYVES’ latest single, Evie, is a powerful representation of their alternative rock sound, infused with unfiltered authenticity and raw emotion. The North West-based band navigates the shadows of escapism, creating a sonic whirlwind that leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

HIGHWAYVES, true to their name, takes listeners on a journey from spacious expanses to suffocating depths, seamlessly blending the dark aggression of grunge with dreamlike waves of shoegaze. The band’s sound is punctuated with intimate, poetic lyricism, creating an emotional landscape that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

What sets HIGHWAYVES apart is their unapologetic earnestness. They lay bare their deepest emotions, inviting listeners to join in a form of collective catharsis. The band’s obsessive approach to their art is evident in their hands-on involvement, from writing, recording, and producing their own music to crafting and directing their music videos. This uncompromising dedication forms the cornerstone of their unassailable connection with their audience.

Evie is a slick, fuzzed-up track that soars to epic heights, a tidal wave of gritty emotion and effervescent guitars. The chorus, an intense whirlwind of scream-a-long anthem levels, pulls the listener into the underbelly episodes of the verses, evoking a sense of 90s nostalgia with a contemporary raw power.

Brad’s poignant explanation of the darker tones underlying Evie sheds light on the inspiration behind the track. He reflects on the individuals he grew up with, using drugs as a means of escape, and the ensuing consequences that some faced. The track isn’t an attempt to make a political statement or offer solutions but serves as a spotlight on a harsh reality. As Brad asserts:

“It’s endemic for young people where I grew up to feel a sense of entrapment and stagnation when they hit their late teens/early 20s. This is especially true if you’re drawn to city life and have a desire to be in a place where things happen. A lot of the time this manifests itself in a way that makes these kids do everything they can when they get an opportunity, whether that be drugs, sex… whatever.”

As HIGHWAYVES gears up for a UK tour in 2024 and sets their sights on international horizons, Evie stands as the latest piece in the puzzle, leading to an album-length body of work expected in the same year.