Hanne Leland’s single ‘Underdogs’, is the perfect introduction to her sparkling & relevant pop offering. The convincingly precious video, shot in Hanne’s native Oslo, Norway, its directed by Norwegian filmmaker Martine Lund.

“It’s a colorful – says Hanne – energetic video, shot in some of my favorite areas of Oslo. I wanted the video to represent diversity, unity, and joy, and I feel like we succeeded in that. This song and video is for everyone who has ever felt like an outsider. Us underdogs are everywhere. We’re in all ages, religions, and backgrounds. I wanted to showcase that in the video, so we invited lots of different people to join the shoot”.

On the track, written by Hanne together with Nate Williams and produced by Hight (Lily Allen, John Newman), she reveals :”I have always felt like an outsider. Like I don’t belong anywhere. Maybe that’s why I feel this need to support people who are seen as outsiders. Outsiders are often underestimated. That’s what the song is about. We are the underdogs…”