FM premiere. Geraldine Snell reveals the video for ‘Delightful (I Love You Song) / Limerence’

"A sonic exploration of dopaminergic highs and melodramatic lows"
14 February 2024
Photo by Richard Knight

Geraldine Snell, a versatile artist with a master’s degree in fine arts, originates from Keighley and now resides in Hebden Bridge. As an electronic art-pop musician, she unveils her latest double single, ‘Delightful (I Love You Song) / Limerence.’ This release not only provides a preview of her upcoming album, ‘overlove,’ but also signifies an important collaboration with co-producer Richard Knight. Together, they fuse their distinct artistic visions to craft a captivating auditory journey.

Now she unveils on FM the breathtaking new video for Delightful (I Love You Song) / Limerence. The video is a collaborative effort between Geraldine Snell and Hannah Brabbs, with Geraldine Snell as the writer and co-producer alongside Richard Knight.

The two tracks seamlessly flow into one another, creating an immersive journey that encapsulates the yearning, restless, and hypnotic aura synonymous with Snell’s creative output. The atmospheric synths, intricate lo-fi beats, and dappled guitar work create a pillowy backdrop for her stylistically melancholic and breathy vocals. This sound, haunting, emotive, and ethereal, positions Snell alongside notable influences such as Portishead, Bat For Lashes, and early FKA Twigs, with a nod to the likes of James Blake and Bonobo.

Richard Knight, a data artist known for his techno-acousmatic hybrid vision, brings a distinctive edge to the collaboration. His work, recognized by labels like Beatnik Boulevard, Logistic Records, and Electronic Musik, adds a unique layer to Snell’s ethereal soundscapes, enhancing the overall emotive impact of the music.

Delving into themes of longing, loneliness, and love addiction, Snell’s Delightful (I Love You Song) / Limerence explores the complex emotions surrounding an unattainable connection and the consequent alienation of real relationships.

This project, as Snell describes, is a “sonic exploration of complex emotions around longing, loneliness, and love addiction. It delves into the struggle to stay afloat amidst dopaminergic highs and melodramatic lows, ever in pursuit of an unattainable connection, and the alienation of real relationships in the process“.

Photo by Hannah Brabbs

The theme of overlove, which encompasses a book, a web series, and original music, serves as a backdrop to these explorations, with the album’s title track originating from this multi-faceted project.

The theme of Limerence, pivotal to Snell’s forthcoming album, captures the intense, consuming thoughts directed at an unrequited love. Her own experiences with limerent obsession and its profound effects on her personal life and connections infuse her music with genuine emotion and complexity. This personal touch contributes to the anticipation surrounding her album as one of the most awaited musical offerings of 2024.

Geraldine Snell​’s work has been featured in prestigious settings such as Piccadilly Circus’ CIRCA takeover, the London Short Film Festival, and Sheffield Doc Fest. Moreover, her involvement with the band Haver has seen her perform at notable venues and festivals across the UK and France.

With the upcoming release of ‘overlove,’ bolstered by backing from BBC Introducing and an expanding footprint in live music, Geraldine Snell emerges as a standout artist. Her ability to integrate her comprehensive, experimental artistry with her musical projects results in a distinct and profound auditory experience, marking her as a talent deserving of attention.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Halifax Antidote at Victoria Theatre – 17th March

Todmorden at Three Wise Monkeys – 23rd March
Love Herder festival, Ambleside, Lake District – 12-14th June 

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