By Frank Bell

Capturing the spirit of a generation promised so much yet receiving so little.

OVERTHINKER is the new record from Georgia & The Vintage Youth which puts into words what every twenty-something year-old is thinking.

Capturing the spirit of a generation promised so much yet receiving so little and constantly being told “these are the best days of your life” could be a depressing song subject, but not so for Georgia. Her witty lyricism and the phenomenal arrangement of her band, The Vintage Youth, leave the song with an upbeat and timeless feel – something that could sound as at home in the speakeasies of prohibition-era America and played loud at the music festivals of today.

Backed by Pixie Lott, The Evening Standard and Georgia’s entire hometown of Essex, The Vintage Youth perform this track with infectious energy and enthusiasm. The clapping and stomping of this song’s backing track will remind listeners of music festivals of days gone by, lifting spirits equally through jubilant melodies and the shared disillusionment of modern life.

Joyous in tone and woefully relatable in its lyrical content, OVERTHINKER comes at the perfect time for just about anyone who’s more than a bit fed up with lock down, and thinking, “surely this can’t be it?” Catching you off-guard with its melding of sombre topics and upbeat melodies, this song will be sure to turn heads and dominate the airwaves as an undeniable 2020 anthem.