FM PREMIERE: Gaby Jogeix kindles optimism with ‘Love Is On Fire’ featuring Jordan John

"I felt funky that morning, noodling with African guitar parts. And I was disgusted at watching how in Spain, my home, some councils were taking down the LGBTQ flag"
17 November 2023

Madrid’s multifaceted singer-songwriter, Gaby Jogeix, makes a compelling comeback with his latest single, Love Is On Fire. Collaborating with Canadian soul artist Jordan John, this dynamic blues soul track provides a sneak peek into Jogeix’s forthcoming album, Smile to the Clouds.

Love Is On Fire is a call to action, a reminder that love and hope can triumph over adversity. The collaboration with Jordan John adds an extra layer of soulful intensity, making the track a poignant commentary on the strength of the human spirit.

The track is a manifestation of Jogeix’s belief that a better world is possible when we stop imposing restrictions on love and behavior. It encapsulates the artist’s desire for positive change while encouraging listeners to smile through hardships and dance.

Jogeix shares his inspiration, revealing, “I felt funky that morning, noodling with African guitar parts. And I was disgusted at watching how in Spain, my home, some councils were taking down the LGBTQ flag. Felt we were going backwards somehow, seeing rights being dismantled. I remember thinking that the day we would stop telling others who to love or how to behave, we would live in a better world, but let’s smile to hardships, and dance. Once the song was recorded, we thought of an airy, souly, funky voice, someone who could take it even higher, it had to be Jordan John.”

The forthcoming album, Smile to the Clouds, showcases a new dimension of Gaby Jogeix’s artistry. Collaborating with American musician Jeff Espinoza and produced by the experienced Juan Guevara, the album is a departure from Jogeix’s previous works, marked by a focus on songwriting, message, and the artist’s own vocal delivery.

The album’s creation reflects a shift in Jogeix’s approach, as he explains, “I started writing songs in a different way, more song-oriented, focusing on the message and especially my singing.” Touching on personal experiences such as fatherhood, travel stories, relationships, the death of his mother, and even hosting a Ukrainian family during the war in Ukraine, Smile to the Clouds is a tapestry of life’s rich tapestry.

He adds: “It’s the first time in a long time that I don’t cut a record based on a trip to Los Angeles (Hermosa Beach) or New Orleans (Meanwhile In New Orleans) and I could work on the album straight from the beginning with Juan Guevara. Fatherhood, stories from travels, relationships, the death of my mother (who first made me listen to gospel and rock n roll, the war in Ukraine (I hosted a Ukrainian mom and her daughter at my place with my family for 6 months), being positive and sunshine and topics found on this album.”

Gaby Jogeix is no stranger to acclaim, having released his fourth album, Meanwhile In New Orleans, in 2021. Shortlisted for the ‘Best Americana Album’ at the 2022 Grammy Awards, Jogeix has solidified his standing as a global artist. 

Hailing from Bilbao with a blend of French and Spanish heritage, Gaby Jogeix stands out as a prominent Rhythm’n’Blues artist in Spain. A trailblazer in the lap steel guitar technique, he finds inspiration in the legacy of legends such as Elmore James, B.B. King, and Ray Charles. Gaby’s musical odyssey, spanning from the Summer School of Arts in Winchester to global tours, has infused his artistry with a distinctive and diverse cultural amalgamation.

Alligator Records’ Bruce Iglauer applauds Jogeix’s musical prowess, stating, “Gaby Jogeix is an impressive musician. His lap steel and electric guitar playing is very, very good. He’s creative and is not an imitator, although one can hear the influences of his musical masters.”

As anticipation builds for Smile to the Clouds, Gaby Jogeix continues to inspire with his soulful melodies and messages of hope.