FM PREMIERE: Gabby Rivers captivates with her moody brilliance on ‘Money Maker’ feat. $ebbuku

“Money Maker is a track written about the struggles of being an independent artist in the music industry"
21 September 2023

Suffolk’s exciting indie singer-songwriter Gabby Rivers has been tantalizing her devoted fanbase with yet another glimpse of her highly anticipated EP, Disappointed But Not Surprised. The Money Maker is a gem that is elegant, moody, and multi-faceted, and is set to captivate your senses this time.

Following the explosive debut of Two Face, Money Maker sees Rivers delve into uncharted musical territories. With ethereal influences ranging from Dreampop and Shoe-gaze to a touch of light Hip-hop, this single is a mesmerizing journey from the very first note.

The track kicks off with an atmospheric wash of guitar, gradually embracing subtle electronics and glitchy elements before unveiling its infectious guitar and bass riff, creating an alternative ethereal soundscape that beckons you into its world.

As the track unfolds, the reverb-tinted production builds up, driven by a crunchy, boxy electronic beat that adds a hip-hop undertone. Above this captivating soundscape, her silky, brilliantly relaxed vocals weave a spellbinding narrative.

But it doesn’t stop there; in the second verse, guest rapper $ebbuku delivers an expressive, intense flow, elevating the track to new heights before seamlessly returning to the infectious melodies and intricate instrumentation of the chorus.

Gabby Rivers herself sheds light on the song’s essence, stating: Money Maker is a track written about the struggles of being an independent artist in the music industry. After lockdown hit there was a huge increase in studio time, venue hire, Music equipment, band rehearsal rooms. And for an independent artist as myself the whole being an artist thing felt so out of reach and I didn’t know what to do. I decided to write the song as a coping mechanism and to make me realise the reason I do it is because I love it. The chorus section where it goes La La La La La is a symbol to myself trying to push through all of the negativity.

We always wanted a rapper on it, someone who can put their emotions through a song. What better person to do that then $ebbuku – His talent has always really stood out to me and I’m so inspired by him and the emotion he puts into his songs and he fitted in so well to the song.

The song is heavily inspired by the news in lockdown just constantly being negative and not supporting creatives – especially the government saying creatives needed to start to retrain. It is almost like a rebel track against the idea of a ‘normal life’, making a point that being a musician is a job.”

At just 20 years old, Gabby Rivers has taken the local music scene by storm, gracing the stages of renowned festivals like Latitude, Reading and Leeds, Secret Garden Party, and Wildpaths Music Festival. Backed by her talented 5-piece band, she has garnered support from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6 Music, and has even shared the spotlight with notable acts such as Vistas, Coach Party, and Tiny Umbrellas.

As Rivers is now on the cusp of releasing her new EP, Money Maker is just another glimpse of the brilliance that awaits. 

Gabby Rivers is one talented and passionate artist who can’t be ignored. Her music is a true example of the never-give-up attitude that independent artists have when facing tough times. 

Photos by Ellen B Photography