FM PREMIERE: ‘As Long As I Go’ by Firewoodisland, takes listeners on a journey of grief, encouragement, and hope

"It was pretty overwhelming and all consuming writing this song"
23 October 2023

Bristol-based duo Firewoodisland invites us into the depths of their latest creation, the intimately crafted EP, As Long As I Go. Prepare for a musical bliss that promises to be a deeply emotional experience, as the duo prepares to bring it to life during their upcoming autumn live performances.

Lifted from their recently unveiled 6-track EP of the same title, indulge in our exclusive debut of the newest single and accompanying video, As Long As I Go, courtesy of the captivating Bristol-based duo.

Delving into the emotional narrative, the song unfolds the journey of a dear friend who faced the heart-wrenching loss of a partner to cancer. As Long As I Go not only captures the nuances of grief but also navigates the path of healing and rediscovering love. Immerse yourself in the beautifully shot video, providing a visual counterpart to this emotive musical tale​.

At Long As I Go stands out as a deeply personal and emotionally charged track, exploring themes of loss, loneliness, and the resilience to keep moving forward. The duo, comprised of Norwegian Stian Vedøy and Welsh Abi Eleri, draw inspiration from the heartbreaking experience of a friend who lost a partner to cancer. Firewoodisland‘s ability to empathetically craft a narrative that transcends personal experiences is a testament to their unique songwriting process, as they delve into the emotional landscapes of others.

They reveal: As Long As I go is a song of grief and encouragement. It speaks of a relationship that was meant to be unbreakable. It tells the story of a friend who lost his partner to cancer. It touches on loneliness and emptiness and taking one step at the time. One might never get to the point where we move on from a tragedy like this but as long as we go and not give up there is hope for a bright future once more. It’s one of the most emotionally charged and honest songs we’ve written while not being about our own personal experience. It’s a completely different way of writing when you have to put yourself into someone else’s shoes. Trying to express their feelings in first person when you’ve only experienced those feelings from an outsider’s perspective. It was pretty overwhelming and all consuming writing this song. A music version of method acting maybe?”

Firewoodisland‘s sound, seamlessly blends the catchiness of pop with indie sensibilities and organic folk elements. Originating from a windswept island off the west coast of Norway, Vedøy and Eleri came together in Cardiff, uniting their creative forces to form Firewoodisland.

The duo’s journey in the music scene began with an EP and a debut album, establishing their place with a unique blend of intricacy and cinematic flair. Their self-titled second album in 2020 marked a creative turning point, solidifying Firewoodisland‘s artistic identity.

To celebrate the release of As Long As I Go, Firewoodisland is embarking on a UK tour in October/November 2023. The six-date tour promises a range of experiences, from intimate Sofar Sounds shows to full-band headline performances. Fans can expect to be swept away by the duo’s spellbinding live renditions, bringing the magic of As Long As I Go to life on stage.

Live dates:

Oct 26, Bristol, The Louisiana (full band) Support from Tamu Massif

Nov 3, Falmouth, The Morgawr (intimate) Together with Our Atlantic Roots

Nov 5, S’hampton, Sofar Sounds (intimate)

Nov 17, Cardiff, The Gate (full band) Support from Gillie, Cara Ludlow