FM PREMIERE: FABOx delivers powerful song ‘Gangster Rap’

"It's the feeling of determination and flexing in the process.”
7 April 2023

Florida-based rapper FABOx just dropped his fire hip-hop track, Gangster Rap. “The song – explains FABOx – is an embodiment of feeling confident and talking your shit. It’s the feeling of determination and flexing in the process.”

Taken from his new album X-Fyles, the song by the forward-thinking artist demonstrates his strength and resilience through emotion, pain and motivation. All expressed in hip-hop style.

He was exposed to freedom from a young age as he spent time living in both Jamaica and South Florida. This included commuting between Miami and Broward County.

FABOx kept himself busy and focused by playing sports and rapping with his buddies to sate his ambition. Eventually, he dropped out of college and moved to LA to pursue his aspirations of being an artist.

Gangster Rap delivers classic hip-hop style and fiery vibe, with powerful sound that really stands out. Adding awesome grooves, banging drum beats and sweetly crafted lyrics create an entirely fresh and convincing sound.

FABOx is open and honest in his music, sharing what he’s experienced in life and has been through. People who listen to his music can relate to it, no matter how difficult the topics are, as the messages of growth and pain still resonate.

His point comes through loud and clear: “putting your head down and doing things that you’re passionate about can change your life”.

Keep an eye on FABOx, he’s gonna have a blast this year!

Photos by Donald Padgett