FM PREMIERE: ‘Ever Since I Met You’ EP by Holler

"This is our proudest body of work to date. We felt an opportunity within this EP to express ourselves with a sense of freedom and creativity."
31 August 2023

Holler, the indie sensation from the south coast, has just released their debut EP, Ever Since I Met You.

The Brighton-based band, featured on Spotify’s prestigious ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, crafted meticulously and bathed in reverb-kissed atmospheres, Ever Since I Met You is a sparkling testament to Holler’s exciting sound.

Under the skilful guidance of mixing maestro Ben Hillier and the mastery prowess of Phillip Marsden, the EP flows effortlessly through the band’s signature blend of whimsical melodies and irresistibly infectious indie charm.

Ever Since I Met You works as an ideal masterclass in instrumental synergy, with chorus-tinted guitars intertwining seamlessly with a resonant bass, dynamic drums, and vocals that delicately tread the line between silky and melancholic.

Holler‘s outstanding talent as songwriters and performers is highlighted by this harmonious fusion, leaving an indelible mark on each track.

We can sense that Holler put their hearts and souls into this record without hesitation.

The main track Ever Since I Met You explores vocalist Lucas‘ personal journey with mental health struggles and the transformative experience of seeking help and medication.

Discussing the creative process behind the EP, the band shares: “This is our proudest body of work to date. We felt an opportunity within this EP to express ourselves with a sense of freedom and creativity. Each track tells its own story and the title track; ‘Ever Since I Met You’, dives deep into Lucas’ mental health struggles along with his process of seeking help and starting medication. We started writing this EP in July of 2022. When we first started jamming ‘Talk To You’ in rehearsal rooms, the rest of the EP then quickly began to take shape. From writing ‘Corner Store’ and ‘Ever Since I Met You’ in the same week to then a couple of months later we found that we’d written our 4th and final track, ‘Complicated (in a boring way)’. Our most touching and emotionally driven work as of yet. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Slowdive, Inhaler, and Swim School, we are so excited to finally be able to share this EP with you all.”

Holler draws inspiration from genre-defining acts like Slowdive, Inhaler, and Swim School while creating their own unique niche.

Their live performance has received praise from Corella, Coach Party, and Swim School, and their magnetic stage presence is a crucial part of their appeal.

Holler‘s Ever Since I Met You has solidified their position in the indie pantheon, leaving us eager for what’s to come.

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