FM PREMIERE: Eve Gallagher shares soulful track ‘Take My Hand’

"Anyone can reach out their hand in kindness; no matter where, what, or who you are.”
3 November 2023

Returning to the forefront of the music scene is Eve Gallagher, a seasoned musical explorer whose career has unfolded over several decades. Her latest single, Take My Hand, propels her back into the limelight. Widely recognized for her collaboration on 90’s club anthems such as Love Come Down and You Can Have It All with Boy George, Gallagher transcends the label of a mere musician; she stands as a formidable presence in the realm of live performances.

The artist recently concluded a highly acclaimed 22-state tour across the USA with her band, leaving an indelible mark on the American music scene. Now, she returns with a brand-new single that promises to tug at the heartstrings of listeners – a compassionate anthem titled Take My Hand.

This soulful journey is brought to life by a stellar lineup of musicians, including Patrick Murdoch on guitar (Mick Hucknall), Roman Roth on drums (Simply Red), Ondrej Pivec on keyboards and organ (Gregory Porter), and Uli Heinzler on bass. Together, they fuse soul, blues, and a touch of gospel, creating an emotional rollercoaster that resonates with the soul.

Gallagher, along with her longtime friend Uli Heinzler, not only wrote the lyrics for Take My Hand but also composed and produced all the tracks on the upcoming album. The song, conceived as a tribute to all the lost souls in the world, carries a powerful message of compassion and kindness.

In her own words, Gallagher explains, “I wrote the ballad ‘Take My Hand’ for all of the lost souls in our world: the stateless, the homeless, the desperate, for those who live in sadness and feel hopelessness. Anyone can reach out their hand in kindness; no matter where, what, or who you are.”

In the midst of crafting her upcoming album, Gallagher is deeply engrossed in collaboration with a skilled ensemble of musicians, featuring talents such as Patrick Murdoch, Roman Roth, and Ondrej Pivec alongside Uli Heinzler. The album anticipates delivering a diverse array of tracks including ‘Lovin’ You Again,’ ‘High On Life,’ ‘Everybody Knows,’ and ‘Higher and Higher,’ with the meticulous touch of Adrian Hall overseeing the mixing and mastering process.

Take My Hand is just the beginning of what seems to be a new chapter in the remarkable musical journey of Eve Gallagher., with the promise of more heartfelt, genre-defying music.