FM PREMIERE: Erin K releases stunning new single and official video for ‘Keep Her’

"This song illustrates the circumstances of a girl who is bound to her relationship with a controlling partner"
10 March 2023

Erin K drops a new single and official video for Keep Her, which is taken from her upcoming album Sink to Swim. Director Dylan Copeland put together a stunning music video for Keep Her, using cutting-edge gaming tech.

Everyone was in awe of the music video for Keep Her as it was made in a totally unique way with super modern gaming tech. Dylan Copeland shared the behind-the-scenes story. “Using camera trackers designed for gaming, and a hardware compositor designed for broadcast, we projected Erin and her guitar from our studio in London to a bench in a virtual clearing in a virtual forest in an Unreal Engine“.

Erin K, who was born in the US and now lives in London, recently teamed up with Kristofer Harris (Belle & Sebastian, Ghostpoet) to record her newest album Sink to Swim. It was all done at his Squarehead Studios in Kent.

Erin’s alluring storytelling indie-pop songs are also heartfelt, honest, and full of emotion. Her songs are super engaging and full of self-deprecating humor. Whether you’re listening for the first time or the tenth, there’s something new to enjoy with each listen.

The song she wrote, Keep Her, has very relevant lyrics; it’s like she’s talking to you right now: “This song illustrates the circumstances of a girl who is bound to her relationship with a controlling partner“, Erin says.

It is written almost in the form of an encouraging letter to the dominant party, offering advice on how to “keep her by [his] side so she can’t let go”. As the verses unfold, the extent to which this girl is broken and bound are poetically revealed.” – this topic is close to Erin’s heart – “found myself in similar relationship dynamics in the past. It’s disturbing how reality can be so drastically altered in this way.

The song underwent huge changes throughout the process to become the final studio version we know today. “Musically, it was interesting to witness the evolution of this song, originating as something very sombre and heavy. The arrangement is lighter now, serving as a nice contrast to the subject matter“.

Erin K is taking her band on a tour of Italy this March, with additional shows in the UK & EU coming up later. Plus, get ready for her new album Sink to Swim which is out in June!

Tour dates:

10 March CARACOL, Pisa

11 March DELIRI, Sora

12 March MR ROLLY’S, Vitulazio

15 March MALTO GRADIMENTO, Reggio C.

16 March RETRONOUVEAU, Messina

17 March SONICA, Siracusa

18 March MUG, Comiso

19 March ZOOTV, Brucoli

20 March BOLAZZI, Palermo

22 March PADDY’S, Catanzaro Lido

24 March MERCATO NUOVO, Taranto

25 March PROVO CULT, San Giovanni Rotondo

26 March OFFICINA 72, Agropoli

28 March MARLA, Perugia

29 March FAT, Terni

30 March COCKNEY LONDON PUB, Correzzola

31 March AI PRETI, Verona

01 April ARCI DALLÒ, Castiglione delle Stiviere

Photo by Edson Smitter