FM PREMIERE: Eliezer Botzer & Lucky Ali release a powerful video for the new song ‘Virtuality’ part of The Eli Ali project

"In our project, we use art to create fertile ground for human connection. "
6 June 2023

Eliezer Botzer & Lucky Ali have teamed up to offer us the single Virtuality within the framework of their exciting The Eli Ali project. This collaboration has already made waves throughout India and the new single will not fail to cause sensation.

Their much-awaited collaboration is a celebration of the unity between Islam and Judaism – the crossing of borders, cultures and diasporas.

Virtuality has an amazing music video that fuses art and cinematography. It was shot and drawn by Ukrainian artists shortly before the outbreak of war, truly capturing the technological age in which we live.

Eli Botzer reveals: “For many years I have asked myself why so many Israelis find themselves and their connection with God in India. I have pondered this question for a long time without a satisfying answer, but when I met Lucky Ali, my partner, and as our dialogue deepened, I understood.

In India, people live in wonderful coexistence and an atmosphere of peace despite the diverse religions. This creates tranquillity and a reality that allows for dialogue, openness, neutrality, and non-judgment.

The more we peeled away our facade and delved into our inner core, the importance of deepening our authentic roots became clear. Both our national and religious identities, while maintaining peace with others. Moreover, we realised that this is actually the essence of peace – a profound process of nurturing our authentic identities in a way that does not overshadow or clash with the other. It is possible, the question is what we prioritise.

In our project, we use art to create fertile ground for human connection. We discovered that we have much in common and also have much to give and receive from each other because each person is the whole world.”

This song unites over 30 talents from India and Israel, creating a song that everyone is sure to remember.

Virtuality speaks to everyone’s current reality with its powerful lyrics and stirring melodies. He grasps perfectly the feelings of this generation.

It’s kinda crazy how much of our lives are spent in virtual reality these days. It makes us feel really disconnected and missing something real — physical, emotional, and spiritual connections. We must adapt to the times – modern life is rather intense!

Botzer is a street artist with his own unique nickname. He is always adventurous, either in time or space, and draws inspiration from what he finds around him.

He sang and wrote songs from childhood, but he only came into the music industry after spending more than 10 years on voluntary social work in India and Israel.

Botzer now uses art and faith to express his ethos and finds creation as the language of the heart for the betterment of oneself. This makes him one of the most unique, authentic and interesting Israeli musicians.

His pal, Lucky Ali, who is well known in India, is one of the most famous and successful celebrities in Asia. The child of a famous Indian actor, his way to fame in Bollywood was almost fixed. His onscreen presence and ability to sing were widely appreciated and made him a very popular actor.

Despite the hype and popularity, Lucky is a fascinating artist to follow in India due to his daring art decisions.

Botzer and Lucky have created something awesome together and called it The Eli Ali Project. They both put their heart and soul into this project, so it’s incredibly special for them. It is a reflection of the strong spiritual bond between the two artists.

It’s amazing to witness the mutual understanding between Islam and Judaism, India and Israel, East and West. Two people connected more profoundly, each through their own way of connecting to the heart.

Step into the world of Virtuality and experience a sonic journey that brings out the authenticity of this virtual place. This is an experience that is sure to hypnotize you!