FM Premiere: EchoStorms’ LOVE TOOK CONTROL


UK duo EchoStorms, premiere this lushly engaging slice of UK dance /pop called Love Took Control, which is released 18 September; with a debut album in the pipeline for Spring 2021…

The summery feel-good tune brings us, in the other hand, reflective lyrics, on the very relevant topic of loss, mental health and depression…”Depicting the bitter-sweet emotions of falling in love when you’re carrying the scars of previous heartbreak, the fear of succumbing to love and getting your fingers burnt over again, and those ‘chips are down’ moments when you need to have complete faith in yourself to fight for what you believe in, ‘Love Took Control’ is a sugar coated bullet that hits the bullseye...”

EchoStorms are Ben and Katya, both extraordinarily talented multi-instrumentalists, vocalists and producers.

The debut single ‘Love Took Control’ is released 18 September on Nest Music Group