FM PREMIERE: E.D. drops ‘Divin’: Landscapes of cultural transformation

"Music is like an escape room to me. A place where I dare to be honest to myself."
8 December 2023

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, with the rhythmic pulse of West African roots coursing through his veins, E.D. (Enfant Divin) embarks on his musical journey with the debut single Divin, released ​f​via KØN Records.

Tobias Simeon, the creative force behind E.D., introduces us to a sound that defies easy categorization. Divin is a sonic tapestry that intricately weaves elements of alternative hip-hop and acoustic Desert Blues, creating a musical experience that transcends genre boundaries.

The single was carefully crafted under the guidance of producer Tobias Wilner, known for his work with Blue Foundation.

While E.D. predominantly raps in French, the emotive power of his delivery and the dulcet melodies could easily be likened to the likes of Post Malone, The Weeknd, or Frank Ocean. His creative process is a journey of self-discovery, with music acting as an “escape room” where honesty thrives.

 E.D. explains: “Music is like an escape room to me. A place where I dare to be honest to myself. If it sounds right the way I want it to, I feel heard. Even if nobody has heard it but me. That gives me peace, for a moment.”

Drawing inspiration from genres like Malian Desert Blues and icons such as Nirvana, Kid Cudi, and Joy Division, E.D. forges a unique path in the musical landscape.

E.D. employs his artistic prowess to narrate a gripping tale. Divin acts as a canvas, painting the story of personal growth that spans from his early years in West Africa to his present life in Denmark. Themes of cultural and religious transformation echo through the verses, creating a deeply introspective and resonant debut.

Divin is a look into the future and demonstrates E.D.’s artistic talent and the promise of a promising future in music.