FM premiere | Dubokaj’s ‘Trinidad Babies Dub’

He’s back! That Alpine dweller known around the Bass circuits as Dubokaj. The man who scaled that heavy, Low End slope (to speak to a burning bush / or maybe to burn some? ) and came back to us, not only a changed man, but bearing the very blueprint for a sound that is now internationally recognized as Alpine Dub. This time, though, he’s back with South African vocalist Fortune Shumba. And y’all better get ready for double the trouble, double the bass.

Here is a sample from the dub-side of the EP, the rework of the intro song (the hit): Trinidad Babies.

The sound the two of them cooked up together during a 4-month long stretch – when Dubokaj was living in Johannesburg and operating out of his mobile studio – is nothing short of sweltering. These are summer jams at their finest. F-I-N-E-S-T! A batch of perfect tunes that make you want to set up a soundsytem, and a couple of sizzling grills with some soulful grub basted with mama’s finest marinades, next to it. These songs deserve a block party. Like REALLY! (Dubstuy are y’all ready for the Dubokaj?!)

The first half of the EP consists of vocal tracks that focus on the highs and lows of the love game. From the lyrics it sounds like Mr. Fortune Shumba has been there and done that. The man serious! And! He’s finally ready to have him some babies. The second part of the EP takes the juiciest ingredients from the vocal versions and rearranges them in the way that Pablo used to rearrange faces. Mad Professor stylee!