FM premiere | Dinachi ‘Fresh Love’

‘Fresh Love’ works as the ideal introduction-tune to Nigerian singer-songwriter Dinachi’s sonic world, self-described as a folk, jazz, high-life and gospel jam. The soulful and engaging jazz-folk number, is lifted from her upcoming debut album ‘Parables’, released on 25th October.

The London based “engineer by day, singer/songwriter by night, defines the track like this…”Fresh Love encapsulates the feelings, thoughts and emotions that go hand in hand with falling for someone,” explains the talented singer-songwriter. “It’s the anticipation in the waiting and the excitement in the discovery that you feel the same for each other. It’s the conversations deep into the night followed by bleary-eyed mornings you wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s the reverie of how amazing this could yet be. But you don’t think too much about it, you just enjoy the freshness and newness of it all.”