FM PREMIERE: ‘Delusions’ from JSHELL offers a spicy Rock & Roll experience

"It's about someone who is experiencing self-doubt and believes that the world is passing them by"
28 March 2023

New York songwriter JSHELL of Tater Mansion Tunes released Delusions from his latest album In My Head. And once again succeeds in providing another signature spicy Rock & Roll experience. The music video for this song is a really exciting and thrilling journey.

The eclectic multi-instrumentalist, worked with Sofie Jane on Delusions, delivering a jam-packed rock gem with broad and exhilarating energy, killer hooks, and a dizzying atmosphere everywhere.

JSHELL explains: Delusions is about someone who is experiencing self-doubt and believes that the world is passing them by. The irony is that by putting these thoughts into a rocking track, the narrator is coming out ahead and actually accomplishing something that many peers cannot do.”

After dropping the hype-filled Haunted earlier this year, JSHELL has come through with another banger to keep the party going.

In My Head’has been given the final touches by Randy Merrill of Sterling Sound who’s won a Grammy Award (he’s also done music for Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Muse, Adele, Lady Gaga and Harry Styles).

The album features amazing guest appearances from some of the best music artists, like Steve Hackett (the legendary Genesis guitarist and progressive rock pioneer), Katie Jacoby (a master violinist and the co-conductor for the The Who orchestra.), Jake Cinninger (guitar virtuoso of jam band titans Umphrey’s McGee) and Scott Metzger (another guitar virtuoso of jam band titans Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and Wolf!).

JSHELL is influenced by some of the biggest names in music such as Genesis, The Beatles, The Who, Rush, Queen, Journey, Billy Joel, Iron Maiden, Styx and Phish. He killed it on all fifteen tracks of In My Head – handling production, writing, and arrangement in addition to drums, bass guitar, keyboards, lead and background vocals, rhythm and lead guitar and percussion. Crazy!