FM Premiere | Dario G ‘Savour The Miracle of Life’ Simon Duffy Remix + Lyric Video

The multi-talented International Dj / Producer Dario G, premieres the Simon Duffy super remix + lyric video for his new fetching feel good, hands-in-the-air club track, ‘Savour The Miracle of Life’ , featuring European star, David Amaro.

Dario G’ ‘Savour The Miracle of Life’ (SIMON DUFFY REMIX)

I approached my new track with a warm, uplifting and almost spiritual vibe; I wanted to create a sound that instantly grabbed people’s minds and went straight to the centre of their hearts. Something that was instantly relatable, but carried a deeper meaning too. All wrapped up within a cool, happy vibe that I’m always looking for on the dancefloor,” explains Dario G.  “The message behind the song is ‘miracle’, stop looking ahead and savour the present moment.  I brought in David Amaro on vocals as my ‘story-teller’, I needed his voice to be warm and soulful so that he could be the ‘elder’, looking through the eyes and ears of the listener, with backing vocals that sound almost angelic.  Introducing a male lead singer is a departure from the Dario G people know.  This is a first for me.”