FM PREMIERE: Cult Of Y ft Maliibu Miitch – ‘Bow Your Head’ video

”The music of Cult of Y is based on friction and sprung from layers of long lost songs and beats.."
11 October 2023

Enigmatic Swedish experimental pop conjurers, Cult of Y, have resurfaced from the shadows, bringing forth their latest auditory elixir, Bow Your Head. This collaborative masterpiece, which features the lyrical prowess of American hip-hop luminary Maliibu Miitch, is a perfect prelude to their impressive debut EP, W.I.P: Work In Progress.

Dive into surreal imagery and a video inspired by American Gothic in the dystopian masterpiece, Bow Your Head.

In a visual continuum that began with the noir aesthetics of ‘Keep Your Garden Clean‘ and Glory Glory, and extended through the enigmatic landscapes of Mountain, Bow Your Head sustains the cinematic essence. It’s a brooding concoction, blending elements of cinematic pop, gospel, and rock, intertwined with scattered electronics, all sewn together seamlessly by Maliibu Miitch‘s magnetic delivery.

Delving into the genesis of Bow Your Head, Cult of Y‘s sonic half, August Vinberg, reveals:  “‘Bow Your Head’ had its beginnings in 2015 when me and my friend Andre (HOUSEKEEPER) laid down the initial beat. Fast forward seven years, we picked it up again, added the sample from Odetta’s ‘Bald Headed Woman,’ and sent it over to Maliibu Miitch. Her contribution took it to a whole new level, and I’m really looking forward to sharing this record with everyone.”

He adds: “The video for Bow Your Head is a rugged compilation – an excessive remix – of our previous work and will serve as a reminder for those who know us and a tease for those who don’t. But it is also a glimpse of what’s to come. In under 3 minutes it contains both crime and punishment – acts of terror, horrific murders and feasts of joy. In it’s fragmented form, with pieces and building blocks sprung from the past and the present, from the ‘real’ world and from our ‘fake’ one, the future of our creation is revealed.”

August Vinberg, the producer, and Robin Kempe-Bergman, the film director, form a dynamic duo that skillfully encapsulates the spirit of the times in their debut chapter of the Work in Progress EP titled Mountain. This composition serves as a vibrant reflection of our contemporary era, portraying a fractured landscape. The track stands out as a poignant intersection, echoing the challenges faced by our generation, delving into themes of originality, loneliness, and collective identity.

In a visual tapestry that spans from Jesus on the cross to a grotesque transformation resembling a Warholian performance, Cult of Y‘s video for Mountain is a black-and-white odyssey into an infinite storyline of possibilities. Sounds, scenes, and visuals converge in a true crime puzzle that defies conventional notions of time and space, offering a commentary on the remix nature of our reality.

”In a way our reality is a remix of everything that’s come before, which means that nothing is original nor sacred anymore. It’s sad but at the same time liberating”, explains  August Vinberg who started out singing in the deathcore band Science of Demise but then turned to songwriting and production having worked with artists like Selena Gomez, Marshmello, Kendrick Lamar, Camila Cabello, Karol G, Iggy Azalea and JAX to name a few.

Cult of Y, standing at the crossroads, stitches together an alternative reality, exposing that the greatest horror emerges not from external forces but from within ourselves: ”The music of Cult of Y is based on friction and sprung from layers of long lost songs and beats. You could call it intrusive but the purpose is simple and sincere – to make something old sound new.”

Robin Kempe-Bergman, who is one of the original creators behind the internationally acclaimed audiovisual project iamamiwhoami, says: “When creating the music video for ‘Mountain‘ we talked a lot about the middle ground between fact, fiction and what constitutes belief…The idea was to create a framework of images and ideas that could carry the strange madness of our modern times”.

Cult of Y is like a fork in the road; a point in life where we have to make a vital decision. The vertical axis of the Y embodies youth, with the left path representing the physical and earthly, and the right, the spiritual. In this duality, Cult of Y weaves an alternative reality, unveiling a harrowing truth—our internal demons are the most formidable of all.