Cry Monster Cry (Dublin brothers Richie & Jamie Martin) shine again with stunning remix, of their alt-folk pearl ‘Citadel’, courtesy of producer friend Richey McCourt.

Lead vocalist Richie explains: “For us, this was just one of those lovely surprises that we didn’t plan for, but are excited to let people hear. We were raised on acoustic, folk, singer-songwriters– that’s our passion, and our inspiration when we write. That’s what’s in our souls. Our live shows and the new tracks we have recorded retain that heavily- that’s our compass. But experimenting on this remix with someone we trusted and coming from a very organic place, has been a great change and a great experience for us.”

Jamie adds: “We left Richey’s studio that morning and went about our day really- and then both of us had a track land in our WhatsApp group at about 9pm that night from Richey.”

Richie continues: “He loved the song we had released, Citadel, and wanted to experiment with trying a different soundscape with it – something he thought we would probably hate and say thanks, but no thanks! But one listen and we were hooked. He managed to bring a new atmosphere into the track completely – but hasn’t compromised the original sentiment and composition to do so…”

On the video…”The idea for Citadel came from a dream, and we always had a vision for a music video that would showcase the ocean and natural landscapes. Being Irish, and having grown up beside the sea, it is a recurring theme in our music. For this track, we wanted to present a landscape that wasn’t our own, to create an otherworldly, timeless feeling. The coastline of Iceland proved perfect. People have commented that the video is like a few minutes if mindfullness, and we liked the idea of people being swept away in the music and the imagery. We worked with the team who created the original video to change the pace, colour and feel for the remix video. Time lapse footage was used, and shots were reversed, showing waves receding and retreating. It felt right for this production. Altering the colour grading makes it feel haunting and somewhat alien, which adds to the atmosphere and backs up the larger production of the track itself.”

Live Dates

FEB 3 SAT – Imbolc Festival – Derry
FEB 20 – Dillenburg, GermanyFebruary 21 – Wetzlar Germany Café VinylFEB 22 – Soest Germany Kulturhaus
FEB 23 – Hamm Germany Living Room Concert
FEB 24 – Langenberg Germany KGB with John Blek
MAR 9 – INEC Acoustic Club with Jack O’ Rourke – Killarney
MAR 10 – Toals – Smithborough, Monaghan
MAR 16 – Kilkenny Tradfest, Cleere’s Bar & Theatre – Kilkenny
MAR 28 – Mike The Pies – Listowel
MAR 29 – Coughlans Bar – Cork
MAR 30 – Levi’s Bar – Ballydehob, Cork
APR 5 – Unitarian Church – Dublin
JUN 2 – Vantastival – Louth 

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