FM PREMIERE: ‘Crash and Burn’ by Fellow Robot

This track is outrageously huge, catchy, and super emotional
24 March 2023

Fellow Robot released their latest single Crash and Burn from the upcoming album Misanthropioid, and it’s a must-listen. This cinematic Indie-rock song has meaningful lyrics asking “Do you need me anymore?” that give us a peek at what’s to come.

Anthony Pedroza, the frontman of Fellow Robot, states that: “I wrote ‘Crash and Burn’ for my partner, Luis, who I love dearly, and I know he loves me too. Luis is my work wife who I cherish. When I wrote “Crash”, it wasn’t clear if we would continue making music together. We were both going through some tumultuous times, and honestly, I fucked up and betrayed his trust.”

Heather Sommerhauser and Luis Renteria brought their magic to Crash and Burn with some amazing synths and drum beats. This track is outrageously huge, catchy, and super emotional.

The Californian Indie-rock band has teamed up with three-time Grammy Winner Andrew Scheps who helped co-produce and mix their new album Misanthropioid (out May 19th) from his home studio ‘Punkerpad’ in Titton, UK.

Scheps hopped on board right when the pandemic was at its peak in 2020, and over 2 years helped the band finish their album despite being apart. Fellow Robot’s newest album is coming out on Scheps’ own label, ToneQuake Records.

Anthony had to go through a tough time when he caught Covid in 2020 and lost his voice for 4 months. However, Crash and Burn was the first song that he tracked vocals on after that period. Taking up singing again, the final product was a deeply moving, sincere, and genuine rendition.

In 2016, Anthony Pedroza got the idea for Fellow Robot, based on his science fiction novel The Robot’s Guide to Music.

In spite of being strongly related to its roots, Misanthropioid still bears a likeness to reality more than science fiction. Misanthropioid speaks to the realities of being human through its raw lyrics and emotive sound. “It’s our soundtrack to the last few years” says Pedroza “it’s a diverse take on the perception of emotion, especially regarding how we feel about our fellow humans”.

Fellow Robot’s roots are still alive and growing – Pedroza’s novel just got turned into a graphic novel with its initial chapter coming out this March through Donut Sounds Record Co. in Seattle.

Josh Wolf put together some amazing illustrations for the Comic book and it includes Fellow Robot’s earlier music. In the first issue of FELLOW ROBOT, we get a peek into a dark vision of the future, but are also reminded that there’s always hope for us.

Here’s a quick overview to give you a glimpse of what’s in store:

Among the debris on the outskirts of Saturn is Station FR29. Aboard the station is Fellow Robot, once a magnificent machine, now in disarray with the sole purpose of saving humanity through music. Only Fellow can disrupt the discordant frequencies that his human brother has created. Weak and on the brink of death, Fellow Robot must transfer his melodies and memories to Jason the Musician starting from his creation in 1929. Fellow’s last ditch effort to save humanity is through love, a feeling that his brother Frank Jensen has long forgotten.