FM PREMIERE: Confz breaks new ground and cultural frontiers with ‘Lying To Myself’ and the ‘Lost Diaspora’ LP

The track is a testament to Confz's exploration of the spiritual and rhythmic dimensions of his craft
25 October 2023

Transitioning from his participation in TikTok’s OiTikTok Cypher to securing a spot on Kyle Beat’s influential YouTube channel, Confz‘s progression highlights the versatility and creative mastery that define his musical journey to date. Recognized for his varied style and inclination to push the boundaries of traditional UK rap, Confz is rapidly establishing a distinct presence in the vibrant landscape of British hip-hop.

Red Bull recently featured Confz on their “Raise The Bar” Live Show, hosted by the esteemed Unknown T, affirming his status as a rising star in the UK hip-hop scene.

Now, Confz is set to make waves with his highly-anticipated debut album, Lost Diaspora, a testament to social awareness and cultural relevance, perfectly timed for the UK’s Black History Month.

As the curtain rises on Lost Diaspora, Lying To Myself takes center stage. The track is a testament to Confz‘s exploration of the spiritual and rhythmic dimensions of his craft. With a harmonious choir backing adding a gospel element, the song delves into realms of introspection and rhythm, creating a profound musical experience.​ 

In a remarkable chain of connections, Lying To Myself features Nix Northwest, one of the brightest talents in contemporary hip-hop.​  The synergy between Confz and Northwest is palpable, with Northwest‘s flow and rhymes adding a layer of brilliance to an already ​gripping piece of hip-hop.

This collaboration not only showcases Confz’s dedication to musical diversity but also positions him as a cultural ambassador. Lying To Myself goes beyond being a mere song; it’s a celebration of cultural richness and a testament to the transformative power of musical collaboration.

Lost Diaspora ​is a cultural journey meticulously crafted by Confz​, the album serves as a poignant reminder of the artist’s Ghanaian heritage and his quest to establish a unique Black British identity.​ Lost Diaspora is a tour de force of acoustically dynamic compositions, capturing the nuances of Confz‘s Ghanaian heritage and his journey to establish his unique Black British identity, in every beat, every rhyme.

For enthusiasts of artists like Loyle Carner, Kofi Stone, and Enny, Lying To Myself and the Lost Diaspora LP are here to make an impact in the UK and beyond. Confz is more than just a rapper; he is also a storyteller and cultural explorer.