FM PREMIERE: Colour TV unveils cinematic soundscape with latest single ‘You Treat This Place Like A Hotel’

"The song is a hymn to anyone who has felt themselves a replacement, asking could we be stand-ins for the love of somebody else’s life"
24 October 2023

Colour TV, the dynamic South-West Indie 5-piece, is back in the spotlight with their latest single, You Treat This Place Like A Hotel, which is out now via Tip Top Recordings. This track, a glimpse into their upcoming third EP, showcases the band’s evolution and newfound sonic territory.

The group, having garnered attention and accolades throughout a busy summer, marked by support from BBC Radio 6 Music and a stellar performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival, has been on a trajectory of rapid growth.

A significant turning point for the band is the addition of bass player Chris Harwood, making them a formidable 5-piece. This addition signals a new phase for Colour TV, with a fresh, modernized sound poised to propel them to new heights.

In their own words, Colour TV emerge from the dust cloud with a redefined sound in the manifest of You Treat This Place Like A Hotel. The incorporation of a fifth member has forged a new and purposeful path with emphasis on plaintive lyricism and melodic interplay. We aspire to condense cinema to pop art form, to soundtrack the film of your life.”

The new single itself ​showcases the band’s maturity and vibrant musicality. You Treat This Place Like A Hotel weaves a delicate sense of yearning over an intricate, atmospheric indie soundscape. Layers of reverb and delay-tinted guitar create plucky riffs that float over driving bass and punching drums, forming an energetic and thoughtful sonic backdrop.

As the track unfolds, its earworm chorus takes hold, accompanied by dappled glitches within the guitar lines, showcasing the experimental processes that define the band’s creations. This single encapsulates Colour TV’s unique approach—an uptempo indie-pop adorned with a thoughtful melancholy that has earned them praise in the past.

The band sheds light on the narrative behind the single: You Treat This Place Like A Hotel tells the story of a relationship that has frosted in the wake of communicative breakdown. The song is a hymn to anyone who has felt themselves a replacement, asking could we be stand-ins for the love of somebody else’s life. You might not ruin a hotel room, but you wouldn’t treat the place like you’re planning to stay. In the face of that attitude is the hope to be appreciated not for any proximate qualities, but for who we are – your New Nobody.”

Colour TV‘s triumphs include a series of sold-out sets across the UK, culminating in an explosive performance at Isle Of Wight 2023. Recognized as one of This Feeling’s ‘Big In 2023’ artists, the band has enjoyed ongoing support from BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio X, Total Rock, and Amazing Radio, where they secured a spot on the playlist. 

As You Treat This Place Like A Hotel takes center stage, Colour TV warmly invites listeners, drawing them into a cinematic soundscape. Pledging a musical journey characterised by allure and innovation, Colour TV confidently establishes itself as a powerful presence within the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of indie music.