FM premiere: Chris Ostler presents ‘CO2’

"I want to share with listeners and help them relive the immensity and power of life itself"
16 February 2024

A Fusion of Emotion and Funk-Rock Vibrance

Renowned British musician Chris Ostler is at it again, pushing boundaries in the funk-rock genre with his latest EP, CO2. This dynamic sequel to his well-received CO1 album marks a significant leap in Ostler’s artistic journey, blending intense emotions, vibrant energy, and engaging stories into a sound that’s both impactful and moving.

Ostler’s unique perspective, shaped by his neurodiversity, enriches his music, aiming to spark positive change globally. His journey with autism fuels his creativity, allowing him to compose tunes that forge a deep connection with his audience.

CO2 takes listeners on an exhilarating adventure through funk-rock, combining lively anthems with thoughtful ballads. Building on the success of popular singles like Funk in the Trunk and The Sun & The Moon, the EP offers three new tracks: Open Road, Who Knows, and Jam it up Muso, plus an acoustic rendition of The Sun & The Moon. Ostler’s intense vocal delivery and masterful guitar play affirm his significant role in the music world.

This EP showcases Ostler’s exceptional songwriting, each track offering a glimpse into his emotions. From the romantic tones of The Sun & The Moon to the funkiness of Jam it up Muso, Ostler navigates a spectrum of feelings, encouraging us to celebrate life’s varied experiences.

Ostler’s ascent in the music industry is punctuated by mesmerizing live shows and a compelling stage presence. With performances alongside legends like Joan Armatrading and Chris Barron (Spin Doctors) and ongoing support from BBC Radio, Ostler’s impact continues to expand. His dedication to musical storytelling, combined with his distinctive voice, transforms CO2 from an EP into a movement.

Ostler seeks to inspire listeners to “relive the immensity and power of life itself,” encouraging everyone to compose vibrant life melodies that celebrate our shared human experiences.

He shares, “I want to share with listeners and help them relive the immensity and power of life itself; we have so many emotional experiences, some amazingly positive, and of course, some challenging, but through music we can collectively support each other and enjoy the beauty of everything we experience. If we’re writing our own melodies of life, let’s make them as colourful as possible.”

For Ostler, music is more than just an art form; it’s a vital connection, a way to heal and motivate. CO2 exemplifies this philosophy, providing not just an auditory experience but a resonant journey that touches the soul.