Chloé Gisele unveils video for ‘Whine Up’ feat. Bunji Garlin

Blending slickly, dancehall, pop & R&B, Swedish exciting singer, 22-year-old Chloé Gisele, shares the perfect video – directed by Futuro Berg – for her feel-good summer debut single ‘Whine Up’, featuring Trinidadian soca artist Bunji Garlin…

Chloé explains…”I strived to achieve a chill and down to earth feeling with the video—something that wasn’t too fancy or too glamorous. I wanted to keep it simple but colourful and vibrant to match the feel-good nature of the song.”

Gisele says: “It’s an uplifting track about not taking everything in life too seriously, being open to new beginnings and giving people second chances, even though they might have hurt you in the past.”
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