By Frank Bell

Los Angeles based duo Calico Sky is excited to announce the release of their official debut single Stay in Bed. The concept of the track and its title seem timely given the world’s current state of affairs. With its uplifting vibe, the track seemingly sheds light on a topic that is often challenging to deal with.

The twin brother duo, Jonathan and Joel Nesvadba had originally recorded Stay in Bed as their first original single several years back. As serendipity would have it, while cleaning through their closet this past March, the brothers coincidentally came across the original recording of the track. Given the appropriateness of the title Stay in Bed with this year’s social distancing orders, Jonathan and Joel diligently began to work on the track again.

Layering a brilliant saxophone part over catchy retro-inspired beats, a myriad of drum machines, analog and digital synths, and catchy vocals resulted in a sound that is uniquely their own. Stay in Bed masterfully fuses a wide array of genres from indie pop to classic rock and contemporary to produce a future leaning song that still seems somewhat nostalgic of the retro throwback sound of yesterday. Stay in Bed will officially drop on all major outlets tomorrow (August 21).

Calico Sky say: “We thought a song about staying in was appropriate given the social distancing measures we are all experiencing, so we’re excited to share our first single with you, Stay in Bed. We hope you enjoy it!”